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Email: Phone: (417) 462-3132
Email: Phone: (417) 462-3132

Requirements for Shipping Live Animals

    • All animals must be at least 8 weeks of age at the time of shipping. Any animal over 12 weeks must have a rabies shot.
    • You must have a health certificate from your vet not more than 10 days old.
      • Three copies of the health certificate must be given to us the day of shipping to accompany the air waybill.
      • The original must be placed in an envelope or in a clear plastic bag and taped to the top of the crate.
    • Acclimation Statement: Please make sure your veterinary puts the required temperature acclimation on each pet's health certificate for the airline you are using.  An inaccurate Acclimation Statement could keep your pet from flying. Temperature restrictions for Airlines:Delta Airlines will ship regular nosed animals from 10-85 degrees. You can check your weather for your shipment on Delta at before going to the airport. As of Oct. 1, 2016 Delta Airlines will no longer ship ANY snub nosed animals. For information, please review Delta's Breed Restrictions Flyer or contact our office for those that are participating in that program as those do change often. American Airlines will only ship regular nosed animals from 20-85 degrees. You can check your weather for your shipment on American Airlines at before going to the airport.They will not ship ANY snub nosed animals; for information, please review American Airlines' Breed Restrictions Flyer. United does accept English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Old English Bulldogs or mixes of these breeds, and other short-nosed animals year round with the following exceptions. Please visit their website for more information about your pets shipping requirements.They will not ship any Adult Bulldogs or those over 20 lbs or 6 months of age. American bulldogs are the exception.  Please Note: United Airlines is currently not accepting reservations for any breed of pet while the PetSafe program is under review. Alaskan Air will not accept ANY snub nosed breed animals. All other animals may ship up to 85 degrees and sometimes over that depending on location. Contact our office for more details on that. **Please keep in mind that when we are talking about the temperatures your animals can travel in, that these are the outside temperatures. The animals are subjected to these temperatures for only a short period of time going to and from the aircraft. All Air crafts with ALL Airlines are temperature controlled and pressurized, otherwise they can not use those air crafts to fly your pets. Please also be advised, some airlines provide climate controlled transportation upon arrival in select cities to and from the aircraft.
    • All animals must be shipped in an airline approved pet carrier, with a food and water dish attached to the inside of the crate. measurementpic Crate must be large enough that the animal can stand (its head erect and not touch the top of the crate with its head or tips of ears). Also, it must have enough space to turn around and lay down comfortably.All airline crates must have nuts and bolts placed in each slot on the crate, instead of the plastic twist clips that were previously used. Also, the airlines will no longer accept the Walmart rounded top crates with fold down clips.
    • Shipping Labels:
      • Food and water labels, stating the last time the animal was given food and water. Also the shippers and consignees information. This label should be placed on the top of the crate.
      • Live animal stickers, should be placed on both sides of the crate with arrows pointing upward.
    • Shredded paper should be placed in the bottom of the crate. Please do not include blankets or toys with your crates. No toys or blankets are allowed to be shipped inside the carrier. They can be taped to the top of the crate and shipped with the pet.
    • Additional items are not permitted inside or outside of the travel kennel (e.g. toys, blankets, medications, etc.), per airline restrictions.
    • Food: A small zip lock sandwich bag will hold enough food for transporting your puppy. It should be attached to the back side of your crate. You may also place some in the food dish inside your pets carrier. Please do not add any water to the dish, we will fill with ice when we meet you to pick up the puppy and will offer water at the airport. Also include a small amount of food in another bag, enough for us to feed the pet at the airport before shipping.
    • Shipping 2 animals together: You can ship 2 animals together for one shipping price as long as they meet the requirements below:
      • Under 6 months of age
      • Under 20 lbs each
      • Of the same size and breed of animal
      • Crate must be large enough to accommodate both animals comfortably.
    • Special shipping rates are available thru Delta airlines on shipping multiple crates. Please contact us for more information on these rates.
    • Payment: If you are shipping on your own, payment thru Paypal prior to shipment is required. There is a fee of 3.5% to do so. Our office will send you an invoice after we have booked your flight. If we are meeting you on the truck, we also accept checks or cash the day of shipping.
    • Please note that Airbound Pets will not accept responsibility for paperwork being lost in shipment. If you wish to send your registration papers, shot records and etc. along with your crate, please tape on crate securely with tape. Sometimes, however, during the shipping process, it may get torn off and lost, so if you would rather, you may mail that to your customer. The only thing that we must have on the crate is the original health certificate.
    If you have any questions on any of the information above, please feel free to contact us.