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Email: Phone: (417) 462-3132
Email: Phone: (417) 462-3132

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PC2(100 SERIES) - 21 1/2L X 14 1/2W X 13HPC3(200 SERIES) - 25L X 18W X 16 1/2HPC4(300 SERIES) - 25L X 19 1/2W X 20HPC4.5(350 SERIES) - 28 1/2L X 19 1/2W X 24HPC5(400 SERIES) - 32 1/2L X 23W X 26 1/2HPC6(500 SERIES) - 36L X 24W X 28 1/2H

Please measure your animal before choosing your crate size, to make sure you select the correct one.

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